Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Here Is How I Got Ripped Six Pack Abs Without Ever Trying Weight Loss

why am i not losing weight

Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Here Is How I Got Ripped Six Pack Abs Without Ever Trying Weight Loss

Do you wonder, why am I not losing weight? Have you given up hope of ever losing weight? The simple truth is that you can lose weight. There are people who can lose weight, but do you know who these people are? If you have the desire and the drive to lose weight, there is something that you can do to get there.

A question that I’m sure you have asked yourself before is “how do I burn all the calories I take in?”. If you’re like most people, your answer is probably “eat as much as possible”. You may think this is the right thing to do, but you are missing out on an important piece of the equation. By NOT eating the right foods, you are bypassing one of the primary drivers of burning calories. Why am I not losing weight after eating all the calories I take in?

Your body requires a certain amount of calories each day to fuel your daily activities. It’s sort of like an engine. Without fuel, the engine simply stops running. Your body uses some calories, when it needs more, it goes into storage to get more energy. When it gets more calories, it burns them for energy.

Your body stores different kinds of fat. It stores the fat that you consume. It also stores the fat cells that you lose. The problem is, when you consume more fat cells, you gain weight. Your body stores fat because it burns calories more efficiently if it has more fat cells.

So, when you consume more calories than you burn, you gain weight. The reason why you are not losing weight is because you have too many fat stores. Now, do you see why Dr. Smith says you should eat right and lose weight? The reason why this works is because you are feeding your body with what it wants – food.

So, if you eat right, your body will now only use fat stores when it is hungry. If you eat too much or eat all the calories your body needs, it stores the fat. This is why you see overweight people who have the metabolisms of monkeys. They eat all the fat they can get their hands on, but they still maintain a skinny body. Because, they have lots of fat stores.

Dr. Mercola also teaches that if you want to learn how to lose weight, and get into great shape, you need to eat only what your body craves. What are your real, natural, hunger-pangs? If you eat all the calories you want, but you never feel full, then you have an over-eating disorder. However, if you eat just the right amount of calories (less than your body needs) at regular intervals, then you are getting your balance right.

This is the same principle used by Special Forces in training for military exercises. When they train without eating any meals, they do amazingly well and get even stronger. You should think the same way about dieting. Do you know what foods best fuel your metabolism and help you burn fat quickly?

Foods that boost your metabolism are called metabolic boosters. These are natural, healthy foods that speed up your body’s natural processes, making it burn more calories and fat faster. And since you only eat the right amount of these, you stay satisfied longer, too.

So, why am I not losing weight? Because, I was trying to change my lifestyle, which I don’t like to do. Instead, I tried to live strictly by a strict diet, which did not work for me, either. This was a hard lesson for me. So, instead of changing my eating habits, I chose to undergo intense exercises to lose weight and get bigger muscles.

This method involves heavy weights and high reps with low to moderate tempos. By doing this, you get really big muscles, because, the heavier the weights, the higher the metabolic rate goes. This way, you burn more fat. But, be warned – it is a long-term solution to your obesity problem. The best choice is to start having a healthier lifestyle right now and get rid of all those extra fats.