What is Colonic irrigation?

what is a colonic

What is Colonic irrigation?

What is a colonic? It is a type of irrigation treatment which involves the insertion of a light tube into your anus in order to cleanse your colon. Colon cleansing, sometimes called colon hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, or simply a colonic, is a method of eliminating gastrointestinal wastes from your body, most often by flushing out fecal matter, toxins, parasites, carcinogens, and infectious agents from your colon. In recent years, it has become popular as a way of helping to lose weight.

Colon cleansing is considered to be important because the average person’s colon can have up to fifteen pounds of hardened waste material inside it. This waste material may contain things like hardened feces, parasites, carcinogens, and even irritants. It is believed that many people have an invisible, internal layer of hardened feces that is not expelled when they defecate or pass their stools. This layer of fecal matter interferes with the regular function of the immune system and can cause health problems including allergies and allergic reactions. In some cases, the accumulated fecal matter is the main contributing factor behind the formation of hard, small tumors found in the abdomen. A colonic irrigation cleansing is one way of flushing this material from your body.

Colonic irrigation or colonics are used for a wide range of conditions and diseases, but the most common use for them is to treat constipation. When you are constipated, you find that your bowels do not move regularly or properly. Because the colon is unable to absorb the amount of water and other nutrients that it needs to operate properly, this affects the other systems of the body. If it is unable to function properly, the entire body is affected. Constipation is a condition of the digestive tract; therefore, it is recommended that you seek medical attention when you notice symptoms including abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, and excess gas.

One way to relieve these symptoms is to move the bowels and digestive tract through a thorough cleaning process. A colon via the rectum is flushed through a tube, similar to what happens in the bathroom, however, the tubes are larger and deeper so that only the toxins and accumulated fecal matter are flushed out. This process cleanses the colon via the rectum area, which is why some patients feel lighter after undergoing a colon via the rectum.

Another common use of colonics is to treat a condition called hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids occur when too much pressure is put on the blood vessels located in the rectum and anus. When they become enlarged, they can become what is called a protruding hemorrhoid. There are two common ways to eliminate hemorrhoids through colonic hydrotherapy: one is through complete hydrating the rectum and anus, and the other is through complete colon hydrotherapy.

The second method, which involves colon hydrotherapy or complete colonic irrigation, involves draining waste from the body and introducing fresh, clean, and pressurized water. The first step is to collect a sample of the person’s stool. Then the colonic irrigation device is inserted into the rectum. The colon is irrigated with water that has been infused with herbs and spices such as senna, ginger, and Cayenne pepper. The water then is introduced into the large intestine. The process of introducing water and cleansing the large intestine is similar to what happens when you take a warm, relaxing bath.

The final step in the colon cleansing procedure is to remove the irrigation device. After this, the fecal matter that was flushed out of the anus is eliminated through the same tube used to introduce the water into the body. Many people have reported that after what is a relatively short treatment using a professional colon cleansing system, there is little or no discomfort involved. A person undergoing a colon cleansing procedure may also notice a change in their bowel movements, as some people have reported complete resolution of problems with constipation and diarrhea.

The colon hydrotherapy treatment may also cause the formation of soft, sticky material in the bowel. This material can be eliminated by another bowel movement or it may not. Colonic irrigation, complete colonic irrigation, and the other herbal colon cleansing systems are all effective at cleaning the bowels, but there are different types of products available. A person should consult his or her physician or naturopathic expert before starting a course of herbal cleansing supplements.